Kerbside Collection Services

Waste Bin
A red/blue lidded waste
bin for landfill
Broken glass
Crockery and ovenware
Ropes and hoses
Clothes and textiles (best option: donate if in good condition)
Non-compostable soft plastics, plastic bags and wrappers
The following Items must NOT be placed in your waste bin:
Food scraps
Batteries of any kind
Chemicals or poisons
Electronic waste (e-waste)
Light globes (dispose at selected hardware stores)
Oil or paint
Building dirt or rubble
Recycling Bin
A yellow lidded recycling
bin for recyclables
Tins and cans
Glass bottles and jars
Plastic drink containers
(lids off)
Milk and juice cartons
Paper and cardboard
Rigid plastics
Metal lids
Aerosols (empty)
Aluminium foil trays
Please ensure bottles, jars, tins and cans are empty and rinsed. Items for recycling are processed into new products!
The following items must NOT be placed in your recycling bin:
Plastic bags and wrappers (cling film, newspaper wrap, bubble wrap)
Clothes and fabrics
Food scraps or organics
Broken glass
Light Globes
Organics Bin
A green lidded organics
bin (townships only) for
Lawn clippings and weeds
Garden prunings and small branches
Leaves, flowers and twigs
Food scraps, raw and cooked
Paper tea bags and coffee grounds
Tissues and paper towels
Shredded paper
Human and pet hair
Eggs and oyster shells
Compostable bags and cutlery
Pet waste
Pizza boxes with food scraps
Only compostable bags should be placed in the organics bin. Organics for composting will be turned into nutrient rich soils.
The following items must NOT be placed in your organics bin:
plastic bags
Dirt, rocks and soil
Gardening tools
Irrigation pipes
Hoses or plant pots

Some of our Member Councils provide a hard waste service to recycle large items that cannot be placed in the yellow-top recycling kerbside bin. If available, you can choose to have your items collected from the front of your property, or take them to one of the facilities. For further information, or to book a hard waste collection, please visit your local Council website.

Member Councils