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Brinkley Waste & Recycling Facility accepts flood-affected material.

The River Murray is returning to regular levels.  Disposal vouchers are available for anyone impacted by flood water to dispose of flood affected materials for free at participating transfer stations.

How do I get my free disposal vouchers?

You can register to get 5 free waste disposal vouchers per property, to dispose of flood-affected materials.

Call Green Industries SA on 1800 302 787 to register your details and get a client ID. Once you have a client ID, you can collect and redeem your vouchers at any participating waste transfer station. You can collect your vouchers at the same time you take your first load. Quote your client ID and staff will cross off one voucher and give you the remaining 4.  Each voucher can be used for a load no larger than an 8 x 5ft caged trailer.

Only flood-affected, water-damaged materials are accepted. No asbestos is accepted. For FREE assistance with asbestos removal, please register by calling 1800 302 787.

Is everyone eligible for free vouchers?

To be eligible, your property needs to have been impacted by flood water. Only materials affected by flood water are accepted. Anyone impacted by the flood water can register for free vouchers by calling 1800 302 787.

What materials are accepted at the participating transfer stations?

The types of flood-affected materials you can dispose of include:

  • hard waste (furniture, mattresses, household items, whitegoods)
  • garden waste and trees, branches and reeds that may have washed onto your property
  • debris from your house and sheds (metal, bricks, timber, piping, fittings)
  • plant and machinery (tools, lawnmowers, bikes and similar)
  • water sport equipment.

Other accepted items which must be kept separate include:

  • electronic equipment and electrical items
  • hot water systems
  • air conditioners.

Can I bring very wet and/or muddy waste to the transfer station?

Yes, however no liquid waste, septic pump-outs or similar.

Do the vouchers expire?

Yes, the vouchers are valid to 30 June 2023.

Are there any restrictions around how I can bring my waste in?

Yes, the voucher program is designed to enable the use of personal vehicles such utes and standard trailers, up to an 8 x 5ft caged trailer or similar.

How do I dispose of sandbags that are on my property?

Do not place empty sandbags in any kerbside bin, skip bin, or in the river. A collection service for the removal of sandbags from registered properties will be arranged. This will be a separate collection to the removal of flood-affected materials. Local transfer stations will also be able to accept small quantities of sandbags at no cost.  Please enquire with the transfer station prior as to their capacity to receive them.

More information  is on the Green Industries SA website.