Brinkley Landfill

EPA License 2104

Brinkley Landfill is operated by the AHRWMA and accepts a broad range of non-recyclable materials, including domestic waste, construction and demolition waste, and commercial and industrial waste, using environmentally-friendly methods.

527 Brinkley Road, Brinkley
P (08) 8532 6385 E
Monday to Friday – 7am to 4pm
Closed - Weekends, Christmas Day and Good Friday
Accepted for
Putrescible and solid
inert waste
Commercial and
industrial waste
Construction and
demolition waste
Waste fill (soil)
Intermediate waste soil (conditions apply)
Not Accepted
For Disposal
Controlled waste
(including medical waste)
Liquid waste
Low-level contaminated waste
Waste Levy
1 July 2023 -
30 June 2024
Metro - $156/tonne
Non-metro - $78/tonne
For more information visit the EPA website