• To continue to develop and manage the Authority’s landfill as an EPA compliant model regional landfill that provides the most cost-effective disposal option for Constituent Councils and commercial customers.
  • To educate the regional community on responsible waste choices that enhance and maintain their environment.
  1. To take a leadership role in resource recovery and community education.
  2. Responsibly develop and manage the Authority’s landfill to be a model regional landfill meeting all legislative requirements and operating benchmarks.
  3. Financial sustainability in waste services for Constituent Councils by pursuing a shared services model.
  4. Advocate, research and promote best practice waste management and actively represent Constituent Councils in all forums.
  5. A fully compliant regional subsidiary that meets the highest standards in governance, financial and human resource management.

The Authority’s vision and mission will be achieved through five key objectives:

The Authority is administered by a Board in accordance with the Local Government Act (1999) and the Authority’s Charter.

The Board is responsible for managing all activities of the Authority, ensuring that the Authority acts in accordance with its Charter. The Board’s responsibilities include development of strategic and business directions and strategies aimed at improving the business of the Authority. The Board appoints an Executive Officer responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Board and managing the day-to-day operations of the Authority.

Adrian Skull
Independent Chairperson
Cr Lucy Huxter
Board Member Adelaide Hills Council
Cr Michael Scott
Board Member Alexandrina Council
Alex Oulianoff
Board Member Mount Barker District Council
Cr Tom Haig
Board Member Rural City of Murray Bridge
John McArthur
Deputy Member Adelaide Hills Council
Alan Harvey
Deputy Member Alexandrina Council
Ian Grosser
Deputy Member Mt Barker District Council
Brad Warncken
Deputy Member Rural City of Murray Bridge

Corporate Documents

Terms and Conditions

Elizabeth Williams: Independent Chairperson
Rebecca Wilson: Independent Member
Alex Oulianoff: Board Member